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Friday, July 21, 2006

Business Magazines In US Show Future Trends

Remember when The Industry Standard and Business 2.0 and Fast Company were the biggest magazines in history and then in the space of a few months they weren't and in the case of The Standard it ceased to exist all together. This postseems to suggest that the same might be hapenning again, with the so called "new economy" business titles losing ground in ad sales to the general business titles.

I doubt if this is a bubble bursting, it probably just means that web based business stories are mainstream. The Industry Standard founder, John Battelle used to argue that one day the new economy would be the economy and his magazine was the chronicler of that. He was half right. As Business Week puts a Blog story on it's cover for the first time the world of the web is indeed connverged with the world of business - it's just that The Standard didn't survive to see it.


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