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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Innovation Shines Through at PPA Awards (irony)

I don't think I have had a more dispiriting evening in a long time. Not that the company was bad or the food awful but watching the PPA awards was a pretty indigestible feast of complacency. Where was the innovation? Where was the understanding that the magazine publishing model has got to change?

B2B winners were Legal Week.TES,Building Services Journal, Property Week, New Civil Engineer, Building, Farmers Guardian, Retail Week. Fine mags all, but what's new? This could have been the list of winners from any PPA awards bash of the last 20 years.

The judges salutation for the weekly business magazine of the year says, "there has been a nine per cent increase in requested readers..." Oh puhlease.

Good that half the salutation was devoted to the online companion website but seriously folks, if the magazine of the year wins this gong in part because its requested readers tally went up a notch there is a lot to do in the innovation departments of business media companies.

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