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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Digital is Half the Business Print Ever Was

Not everyone agrees with my rather gloomy view of the world, but over in the US despite the fine words of the leaders of B2B companies, the figures show a picture of continued and accelerating decline.

Although online revenues have continued to grow, even in the US the growth is half the dollars of the decline in print. The table in the link shows a decline in the last year of $103m in print based revenues and an increase of $47m in digital revenues. This confirms this bloggers view that even when the migration is complete, business media companies are going to need to be smaller and leaner beasts than they have been in the past, and by a scale factor that few if any of the bsuiness media leaders have yet owned up to or realised.

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At 10:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes i think the general trend has been true for the past few years. What many publishers have been doing is moving more into the events space to compensate. Once upon a time there were events companies and publishing companies. Now they are the same.

Others have moved into the world of being a bespoke online information provider - a similar model to the old Reuters/Bloomberg approach to the financial markets; but applied to other markets (e.g. Lexis Nexis & the legal market).

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