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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How to go bust in business media

Matt McAllister, a sage commentator on business media, thinks that print media publishers have their head in the sand. This is what he says

"(Publishers) strategy implies that the print model has enough life left in it to make the transition only a matter of shifting money from one pocket to the other. I think many publishers will interpret this strategy as a way to hold onto their jobs while they wait for the combined print and online revenues to match pre dotcom bust earnings. It’s then that they plan to release a big sigh and head back to the golf course."

The strategy to which he refers is hoping that growth in online will outpace decline in print. This, of course, is not a strategy. Most of the publishers I meet would really like the old days to come back. By old days they mean the immediate aftermath of the dotcom collapse when it seemed as though all would return to normal and the behemoths of media would rule again. Matt, as ever, is right on the money. Read him here


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