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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fifty Million Blogs and Nothing to Read

Technorati are saying that they track 50 million blogs and that the size of the blogosphere doubles every 200 days.

More blogs are written in the English language than any other, with Japanese a close second.

This level of activity has profound implications for publishers. Share of voice is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve in the cluttered blogosphere. How can users discriminate between the reliable and the mad. In business media, where traditionally information we publish has helped inform business decisions, this inability to discriminate between good and bad content is serious. Content discriminating devices such as digg or or any of the other kinds of tagging are based on popularity not quality. The best novel ever written is not the Da Vinci Code, despite the fact that it may be rated as most popular content by book readers.

The challenge for business publishers resides in delivery of Berners Lee's notion of the semantic web. How can we deliver releavnt and accurate content? Can we, the publishers, edit the web and organise relevant content so that it makes sense to micro commmunitie?


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