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Monday, August 07, 2006

Accountancy Age Makes Mess of New Digital Edition

You are probably beginning to think I don't like anything. Well, I certainly don't like this. It may be a good idea to launch a magazine for young accountacy professionals as VNU have announced. It may be an even better idea to make it exclusively available on the web. What is a crushingly bad idea is to design the pages of the web magazine as if they are going to be printed. And anyway, a 12 page thing is not a magazine, it's a pamphlet. A digital pamphlet I'll grant you - but a pamphlet all the same.

Have a look for your self. WOB's don't work, the typeface is too small, the pictures under the text make most of the copy unreadable. I could go on. I defy anyone to spend more than 30 seconds trying to read this without going blind and there are better ways of doing that on the Internet.

You would think that someone would have mentioned to Porsche that the Cayenne is horribly ugly. They didn't but somehow it was still a success. Someone should have told VNU that this solution is really ugly. They didn't and it will fail.


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