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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I know this happened a while ago, but it can hardly pass without comment. It does seem extraordinary that the management of a business with the money and resources of EMAP and its extraordinary brands can think of nothing better as a strategy than flogging it all off.

Still, a good price was achieved for shareholders I suppose. It does appear though that APAX have been good as their word in backing their buy and build strategy around Incisive Media. On the assumption that EMAP Business becomes an integrated part of the Incisive operation, Wellers empire is now one of the biggest B2B groups in the world. This will be a substantial test of Wellers management. He has no experience of runnning an enterprise of this size and will need a strong second tier management team.

And on a final note, just because its big doesn't mean there is any point to it. I would love to hear a clear strategy description for the new enlarged business - but now Incisive is a private business I suspect we won't.

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