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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hanley Wood thinks your Company is Rubbish

And there was me thinking that I was the only one who thought b2b media companies hadn't got the plot. The CEO of Hanley Wood, a US b2b player says that there are ten sins being committed by players in the sector. I don't have the details. but there is a short interview with him here published on bornot2b

Oh - and the ten sins?

"...underperformance, cowardice, technophobia, inferiority, complacency, coziness, stinginess, cluelessness, disorganization and dullness...."


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At 5:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I think he's probably right, particularly re cluelessness and dullness.

I worked for Reed Exhibitions at a time of an incoming CEO who's first move was to ban dress down Fridays.

People were very upset.

Then he changed the company values to:

Customer Focus
Valuing Our People
Passion for Winning

I don't think the last one is a real word but it stuck - probably because they had it printed on a mouse mat for everyone to make sure no one would forget to be passionate about winning.

But number 3 was the big strategic move...he then brought back dress down Fridays.

I tell you, it was quite a thrilling time.


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