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Thursday, June 26, 2008

SIPA Conference

One of our readers asks me to mention this and as the programme looks relevant and timely (even though yours truly isn't on the speaker rosta) I am happy to oblige;
"It's the annual conference of the Specialised Information Publishers Association (SIPA) at the Tower Hotel, London E1 on 8-9 July.

Keynote speakers include Tim Weller, CEO of Incisive Media talking on 'narrow and deep' publishing; David Worlock of Outsell Inc, on the state of the industry and the future for paid content; and Mark Ragan from Ragan Communications in the US on taking his products from print to online.

So that will be Tim saying business media is great, David saying its all about workflow and I have no idea who Mark Ragan is. Still it looks like fun. Lots of workshops and interactive stuff and interesting if only to see which of the speakers really understands just what is going on.

More stuff on the event here,

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