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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get Rich Blogging

Those nice people at one of the blogging companies (I am not going to say who they are - their cynical ploy does not deserve recognition) are offering redundant journalists a limited free go using their blogging tool. (It's not Blogger - the service that drives this site). They claim that this is a way for journos to make a living in a post employment world.

Yeah right. Lets inagine you start a blog and take ads from google (you won't want to sell ads yourself I'll wager.) If you get a net yield from Google of £5/000 page impressions, I'd say your were doing very well indeed. To make £25000 a year - hardly an extravagent income would require you to generate around 1/2 a million page impressions a month. I have been wrting this blog for two years. I'll admit I don't pay it a lot of attention in terms of posting frequency or site taxonomy, but hey - I do what I can. I earn nothing from this site and have no expectations of doing so. It is inconceivable that my traffic would ever reach 500,000.

There is nothing wriong with blogging. Its an important part of the media mix. For all its failings readers seem to value the service, even this one - but money making it hardly ever is - at least not in any substantive way. I have no problem with blog services offering a deal to out of work hacks - but please don't dress it up as some kind of grand gesture that will pay peoples mortgages. Ok oK , i know you want the link. Its here.



At 4:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. Peace !


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