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Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring

Remember Pravte Frazer in Dads Army? This website uses his catch phrase "dont' panic" as a headline on the chronicling of the demise of business magazines in the UK.

He spotted something I missed - the closure of William Reeds Bake and Take magazine or rather its merger with British Baker.

All the news is the b2b sector is in one of three catgeories; magazine closures, redundancies, up for sale. Until the industry finds a way to change this agenda to innovation, launch and renewal I would be very cautious about predicting a happy future.

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At 9:53 am, Anonymous Private James Frazer said...

Thanks for the link. Re 'Divestment Watch', I felt it was cowardice on RBI's part to suppress this, so I've pasted what was in the Google cache on my site. I'm hoping that if enough people poke fun at RBI because of their decision that they will relent.


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