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Monday, August 11, 2008

PG Tips 40 Years of History Down Drain

Press Gazette has confirmed that its frequency is dropping to monthly from weekly. PG has long been only barely profitable, and indeed lost money under the ownership of Piers Morgan. The drop in frequency has always been resisted in the past because it compromises the recruitment and subs revenue. Well the recruitment revenue has all but gone anyway and copy sales have been in decline for years.

As Ian Reeves,former Editor says, if the journalist community cannot support a magazine about the business of journalism, what hope is there for any of us.

The test for PG is whether they use this as an opportunity to improve the online offering with more frequent and analytical posts, more blogging, more deep linking, the introduction of tools for journalists, online training, rich media, or whether this is just a publisher Tony Loynes toy with no real vision.

Lets hope this is a vision thing not just a cost cut to keep the brand alive and continue to make money from the British Press Awards. If the national newspapers abandon the Awards, which they might, then it is all over for PG.

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