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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Future of Business Media Part 4

In this occasional series we look at what the future of business media might look like. We have begun by thinking about magazines and the implication of the web for the delivery of news.

Now we turn to the second half of the magazine where we still offer the same mix of tired features we always did. In the new world we will be doing this with less staff resources and less budgets for contributors. Editors are faced with two options. Either stick with the old features plan and produce it on the cheap (probably with a renewed focus on ad get features) or come up with a new model.

The problem with the first option is that it will accelerate the demise of the title - and its likely that the content will be driven by dull ad get features that won't get many ads.

Editors have to plan for writing their magazines with less resource. That means tapping into industry experts for content, not freelance journalists. It means thinking about articles which coach, challenge, analyse and predict, rather than articles which report, collate and sell.

Is any of this possible. With magazines closing all around us, publishing companies in trouble it is liekly that the real truth is that the future of b2b writing is web only. Magazines are irrelevant to that and are probably distraction from solving the web dilemma.

Paul Conley argues here that the future is bright for b2b journalism, its just got nothing to do with print magazines. The challenge, which we come on to next, is how to do that and make money too.

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