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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vanity in Business to Business

Just for fun...

Two nuggets from my blog log. First, the wierdest search term used to stumble upon this site,

"sex porn business media".

What on earth was going on in this persons head?

My favourite past time (actually its my seventh favourite, the top five being far to personal to reveal here and the remaining one is too boring) is to see which names of the great and good of business media crop up most often in searches. If the search string starts with a name of a person and then the company name I assume its a vanity search. If it starts with the company name I assume it isn't. Anyway, on this slightly flakey premise I can tell you who is the vainest exec in business media.

I am not going to embarrass the poor demented soul save to say that, you know who you are. (clue: its a fairly senior figure based in Sutton Surrey and I don't think we have ever written about him).

Anyone prepared to own up? No I thought not. LOL.


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