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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Incisive Still Subject of Rumours

Bill Pollack, the head of the US part of Incisive Media said this on his own blog,
"You will by now have seen Tim Weller's email to the full staff at Incisive Media responding to an article that appeared yesterday on the Financial Times' website. Just so we're clear, that article primarily concerned the refinancing of Incisive UK's debt and reported various rumors which may or may not prove to be true"

So the deal is not yet done. There are numerous rumours around about how the negotiations are going on the UK debt. One thing is certain, APAX and the banks have lost a lot of money. Let's hope the management strategy, if the management survive or chose to stay, is better than "we are waiting for the market to recover".

Also note that the US business is financed seperately from the UK business. The US business which includes Risk and American Lawyer is arguably in s abetter plac than the ad based print business in the UK, hence Pollacks distancing.



At 6:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh. Your fact checking is as bad as your spelling. Risk is not a US owned brand.


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