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Friday, August 15, 2008

More PG Tips

Poor old Dominic Ponsford, Editor of Press Gazette, is getting a bit of pasting on his own blog from readers cross that they haven't been properly informed or that the cost of the new monthly edition is too much.

You can tell from Ponsfords reponses that he is pretty hacked off with the whole thing. First Roy Greenslade wails that its The Guardian what did em in, and then his own readers start bellyaching.

Well heres the truth. If journalists want independent commentary on their profession they had better pay for it, or advertise in it. The reason PG is in the mess its in, is because its readers won't pay and its advertisers have vamoosed.

Although its coverage of b2b is sparse at least it has a go every now and then. Remember that b2b employs around 10000 journalists - thats a lot more than the national press- so why PG doesn't pay more attention to it is a mystery to me.

If you want PG to continue, pay for it, or advertise in it, don't whinge about it. If you don't care and are happy to get your coverage from free blogs like this one, or Roy Greenslade or Stephen Glover then fine. If does it for you - then fine.

This blog and the media commentators are useful, intelligent, insightful, occasionally brilliant. (Ok I know I am getting carried away here) but none of us are a substitute for proper reporting. All of the media commentators, me included, come with an agenda. In my own case, I write for no one. I have no masters. I don't have to please my readers or represent their interests. What you say is what you get. Opinonated comment on the business media world we live in. If you don't like it I don't care and I don't need to. I am not your champion. PG can be. If you let it.

Wilmington, the owners of PG may have made a bit of shambles of the relaunch messaging and a twelve month sub for £115 seems very expensive, (in fact it is bonkers - the publisher has made a mistake in my view) but don't kill em for trying.

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At 8:43 pm, Blogger Rory Brown said...

I feel for PG. They have freelance journalists whinging at them for trying to keep the mag alive. It will only happen if they are prepared to pay to support it. Interesting also to read the comment that Heseltine, when offered PG to buy, refused because he said you would never make money from journalists... sounds like a vicious spiral to me.


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