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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Survival or Receivership

If Lorna Tilbian, the media analysts analyst doesn't know....

"Lorna Tilbian, analyst at Numis, said: “It is Darwinian. The environment is so volatile, people are waiting for weaker players to fall into receivership. The landscape is changing so quickly, how do you value something?”

...then what hope is there for the rest of us trying to make sense of this.

The FT reports old news that the RBI deal is falling in value. It says Reed is "desperate to get the deal done". It shouldn't be. There is a future for RBI - it involves substantive delayering of management, a radical approach to business magazine publishing and inventive solutions to the conundrums that b2b publishing faces. RBI as the biggest player in this place, and as a relatively small part of its parent company can afford to be brave. Will it care to embrace "boundarylessness" as it strategy declaration says it should?

You know the answer.

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