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Monday, January 19, 2009

Online jobs in Decline as Mags Launch and Close

Good news for RBI owned Total Jobs which has topped the Hitwise rankings for most traffic in the online jobs market, beating Monster et al for the third year running.

Bad news for all of them however as Monster reports a fifth consecutive month of decline in job postings, including a massive 11% fall in December alone.

No surprise I guess that there are more people looking for fewer jobs.

Meanwhile, and arguably more surprising a number of b2b magazine launches announced this week, including Dennis launching a title for the b2b poker industry, whilst Centaur is continuing its process of culling underperforming magazines.

Note also a b2b mag launch in the finance sector, for wealth managers as online solution provider Citywire moves into dead trees for I think the first time. Amazing.

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At 12:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting as well, we have seen 3 shows close over the past few weeks in our markets.

Retail Business Show, Business Continuity Expo and Retail Solutions have all folded.

All were seemingly quite successful niche shows.

Amazing times we live in.

At 2:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came into contact with the Business Continuity Expo and it was destined to fail. I think it was getting around 1,200 or so visitors spread across 2 felt even quieter (this is going back a few years now though).

An exhibition isn't the right environment for these products as there's nothing much new to gawk and marvel at. Great example of a market that needs a new online/event hybrid offering to actually deliver value to the sponsors and exhibitors sales process (ie to get them in front of buyers during the purchase cycle...)

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